please be aware WRISTBANDS are sold separately.  You must purchase wristbands to access your camp site.



Common Questions and General Information

Where are these areas located?

Area 17 is referred to as our Pod Camping.  We refer to a “Pod” as a group of self-sufficient trailers camping overnight on the beach.  The Pod is located just east of Sandpit Campground along Sand Hollow Road along the beach of the existing lake.  If you have friends staying in Beach VIP or the Sand Pit Campground these passes can also be used as extra vehicle pass for those areas.  Please be aware if you are using this pass for an extra vehicle that all vehicles must fit in the site.  If a vehicle does not fit that vehicle will be asked to camp in the "Pod" area located on the beach.


How much are the camping passes?

Each spot is $150.

How many days are the camping passes good for?

Each pass is good for (5) five days and (4) four nights starting Wednesday October 20th and Ending Sunday October 24th.

How can I purchase camping passes?

Camping passes can be pre-purchased through our website by using the link on this page. If spots do not sell out prior to the event passes can be purchased at entry gate when you arrive.

Does my camping pass purchase include any wristbands?

No.  Camping passes and wristbands are sold separately.  We did this to keep the cost as cheap as possible and wanted to make sure each participant only had to purchase what they needed.

How can I purchase wristbands?

You can pre-purchase wristbands through the website or purchase them at the gate for $50.  We recommend purchasing them through the website to help reduce wait times at the gate.  

Do I need wristbands to access my camping spot?

Yes, please be aware everyone in your vehicle will need wristbands to get through the entry gate to access your camping spot.  Wristbands are $50 per person through the website and at the gate.  Kids 12 and under are free.    

When can I check in?

The event starts at 9:00am on Wednesday but you can check in starting Wednesday at 8:00am.  Early check-in is available starting Tuesday at 2:00pm.  If you would like early check-in please email us at [email protected] to make sure your spot is available.  There is a $25 charge per trailer for early check-in

When do I need to check out?

All participants are asked to clean their sites and check-out by noon on Sunday October 24th. 

Does each vehicle in my group need a pass or just the ones pulling trailers?​

Yes each vehicle will need a pass.  We have a land use agreement with the State Park that only allows a certain number of vehicles in the event area at any given time.  We monitor the number of vehicles by limiting the number of passes we sell.  Vehicle passes will be checked at the gate prior to entering the event area.

Will a dozer be available?

There are NO dozers in the pod.  Please do research before the event and be prepared to access the sand without the use of a dozer.  We recommend airing down the tires on the truck and trailer, bringing a shovel and a tow strap.  If you get into trouble and get stuck make sure to let off the gas and ask for help.  It you sink down to the frame it will make it difficult to move even with the help of another vehicle and a tow strap (hence the shovel).


How do I access my camping spot?

Area 17 can be accessed from Sand Hollow Road.  Once participants arrive on site, they will be greeted and guided to the POD beach camping area.  We have created a staging concept that will accommodate 15 - 40’ trailers at any given time where participants can safely air down their trucks and trailers prior to entering the beach if they so desire.  There will NOT be a dozer available in this area.  participants will be asked to enter the beach under their own power similar to any other weekend throughout the year.  We feel with the right information and preparation participants should be able to navigate the beach under their own power.  Our dedicated security team and dedicated traffic control team will be available throughout the event to offer assistance and answer any questions. 


Does my site have utilities?

No.  These are dry camping sites located on the beach.  You will need to bring in your own water.  We recommend filling your tanks in Hurricane or at the Westside campground located in the park.  The Westside campground has 4 dump stations and a water filling station that can be used prior to accessing the event area.  Gray water is not permitted to be dumped on the beach.  If you need your tanks dumped during the event we will have a septic service company you can call for a small fee or you can head over to the Westside campground location just 1/2 mile away.

Are campfires allowed in this area?

Camp fires are allowed on the sand.  Participants are asked to dig a hole for the fire and fill it in at the end of the event.  We asked participants not to throw cans and garbage in the campfire. NO glass on the beach. Any unused firewood remaining at the end of the event must be taken with you when you leave.  Please leave the site as you found it.

Are there dumpsters in this area?

Area 17 will have access to 20-yard dumpsters located throughout the area during the event. These dumpsters will act as a disposal site for any participants camping on the beach while also providing additional capacity for the state park.


Are there restrooms/showers in this area?

Area 17 will have access to portable restrooms located throughout the area during the event.  Campers are required to be self-contained similar to any other weekend.  Showers are NOT available in this area.


Is there a campground host in this area?

Areas 17 will NOT have a Campground Host; however, this area will be monitored throughout the day by our UTV TAKEOVER security team with assistance from the Forest Service and Sheriff.

Do I need a permit to fly a drone?

Yes.  Contact the Sand Hollow Park for the permit. $15 (5 day permit)  Permits are required to fly drones within the state park. Violators are subject to citation.

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